Cheech’s Deecefest 2022 Schedule

FRIDAY July 29

Main stage

4:00-5:00- Mason Meyer Band


7:00-8:00- Tugg

8:30-9:30-White Iron Band

10:00-11:30- The Crush Brothers

Acoustic Stage

3:00-3:45-Luke and Cheech Show

5:00-5:30-Matt Monsoor

6:30-7:00- Matt Monsoor

8:00-8:30- Brian Beard

9:30-10:00-Brian Beard


Creekside Stage

11:30 am- 12:30 -Knee High July

1:00-2:00- WRST

2:30-3:30- Mr. Blink


5:30-6:30-High and Rising

7:00-8:00-Joe and Vicki Price

8:30-9:30-Howard “Guitar” Luedtke and Blue Max

10:00-11:30-Gregg Hall and the Wrecking ball

Acoustic Stage


2:00-2:30-The Lake Effect

3:30-4:00- The Lake Effect

5:00-5:30- Shay and Bri

6:30-7:00-Shay and Bri

8:00-8:30- Matt Mahlum

9:30-10:00- Matt Mahlum

Sunday Acoustic Stage

11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Kyle Renfro Trio

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