Sisters And Brothers: Music from La Crosse County (CD)




Explore La Crosse has partnered with with Deece Productions to provide the community and visitors a local music sampler representative of the musical landscape of La Crosse County.

“Sisters and Brothers” features 16 original compositions written and professionally recorded by local and traveling musicians that have a close ties to the area including Grammy winner Bill Miller, Tugg, Them Coulee Boys, Smokin Bandits and more. The cd was compiled and arranged by Actual Sound Studios and Sound Strations Audio Productions Inc.

This compilation is “An eclectic blend of some of the best original music from the upper Midwest!” said Brett Huus owner of Sound Strations Audio Studio here in La Crosse. “This CD gives a taste of talent in our area. There’s something for everyone” said Mike Von Muchow owner of Actual Sound Studios.


1. Window to the World- Andrew Hughes
2. Angry all the Time- Cody Appel
3. Million Miles- Irene Keenan, Jr
4. The River-Bill Miller
5. Fate- Adam Palm
6. Hangin’ by a Thread-Smokin’ Bandits
7. Chicago-Matt Monsoor
8. Feelin’ Fine- Gregg Hall and the Wrecking Ball
9. Heart of Darkness-Mike von Muchow
10. Mexico-T.U.G.G
11. Loaded on a Saturday Night- Pat Watters Band
12. Rivertown- Mr. Blink
13. Insatiable-Raina Thelen
14, Space Invader-Bandsaw Brothers
15. The Dirt, the Devil, and Me- Floyd Turbo
16. Dancing in the Dim Light- Them Coulee Boys

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