The 3 Dads – Cool Beans (CD)




Once upon a time there were 3 Dads. They played guitars and sang songs. One day they made a recording of the songs they played for all the children to hear and everyone lived happily ever after.

1. Beanie, Bean, Bean (The Toot Toot Song)
2. Leap Frog, Piggy Back, And the Monkey in the Middle
3. I Like Chocolate Milk
4. Fast and Slow, Stop and Go
5. Love
6. Mr. Nobody
7. Marshmallows
8. Snow Day
9. Johnny the Donkey
10. La, La, La, La

The 3 Dads are:
Mike Caucutt – Guitar & vocals
Andrew Hughes – Guitar & Vocals
Gregg “Cheech” Hall – Guitar & Vocals

Genre: Kids/Family, Children’s Pop
Release Date: 2018
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