Cheech’s Deecefest 2021 Artist Lineup


The story goes that the Big Wu, bound for rock stardom, sold their souls for a case of Old Style beer one thirsty night long ago. The legend and the band live on. Still rocking their powerful, moving, and energizing original music for the fans. A jam band with a unique style and presence, the Wu combine strong, free flowing improv and vocal harmonies, with finely crafted songs for all tastes. Oh, and their fans are famously friendly.

Joe and Vicki Price
From coast to coast, and from concerts, to clubs, to outdoor festivals, the Price’s singular vision and dazzling, irresistible live performances continue to etch a steady, upward arc.
White Iron Band
The White Iron Band is a high-energy renegade American roots band specializing in foot-stompin, forget-what-troubles-ya music. With energy to blow your face off and enough soul to well your eyes, the band is best taken live with friends and strangers.

Smokin Bandits
An original blend of Rock & Bluegrass taken to a jam-like frenzy before bringing you home with sweet and well-placed country & Midwestern vocals.
Formed in 1991 and two things have remained constant; Drew Dockry’s singing, songwriting, guitar playing and vision and the continuous commitment to original music.
Luke and Cheech Show
An acoustic duo who have been performing for over 20 years in the La Crosse and surrounding areas. Sweet vocal harmonies and blues riffs will be heard playing their own tunes and the hits of others.
Mr. Blink
Mr. Blink has been a La Crosse musical force for over 30 years. Playing originals off their albums and “get up and dance” cover songs; the band will entertain and make you smile.
Shay and Bri Cody
This Father Daughter duo combining genres of music ranging from classic and country, to modern and original.
Cheecba is Christian “Chubba” Staehly and Gregg “Cheech” Hall and will be playing all of your favorite Smokin’ Bandits classics.
Matt Mahlum
This prolific songwriter hails from La Crosse’s infamous Liberty Street. He has come on strong to the scene as a vocal powerhouse and composer.
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Matt Monsoor
Matt Monsoor is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and composer. A quintessential DIYourselfer living in the driftless that enjoys creating art using a variety of mediums. Embracing these influences but not necessarily resembling any of them .. Talking Heads, T.V on the Radio, Blake Mills, Radiohead, Allen Toussaint, and Fiona Apple.
Convocation Wake is the coming together of two artists of different backgrounds, but joined by a commonthread-Truth.
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Brian Beard is a musician, teacher and massage therapist based out of La Crosse, originally from Wisconsin Dells. Primarily a bass player, Covid-19 forced him to start playing more solo gigs as a guitar player and singer. Playing everything from Sinatra to Sublime and some originals.
Outland is a place outside the fences, away from the pens.
That’s where Mike, Dave, Alex and Colin run, off the leash.
We take a little tender, some laughter and a mess of fury along with us.
Looking for rock, soul and everything in between to take to the next road.
We will meet you there, playing in the outland.”
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